Monday, August 8

Abin mamaki shine idan an kama ‘yan Bindiga, ba’a ganin Alamar Miliyoyin kudin da suke karba, to ko wanene ke morar kudin?>>Sanata Shehu Sani

Sanata Shehu Sani ya bayyana takaici akan cewa yawanci idan an kama ‘yan Bindiga ba’a ganin amfani daruruwam Miliyoyin da suke karba a matsayin kudin fansa.


Yace yawanci idan an kamasu abu daya da ake gani shine bindigarsu da suke rike da ita. Amma babu wata Alamar kudin da ake gani tattare dasu.


Sanata Sani yace abin tambaya anan shine ko wanene ke karbar kudin kuma menene ake yi dasu ?

The most intriguing thing about Kidnappers in northern Nigeria who have been collecting hundreds of millions of Naira as ransom is that whenever they run out of luck and get arrested,you will never see anything of value in their lives other than their Guns.And there has never been any serious evidence of any form of investment by them to launder the money.It begs the question,who takes custody of such monies and what is the monies used for?

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