Monday, June 27

Amaechi ya ajiye mukaminsa na minista dan ci gaba da takarar shugaban masa

Ministan Sufuri, Rotimi Amaechi ya ajiye mukaminsa na minista dan ci gaba da neman kujerar shugaban kasa a jam’iyyar APC.


Amaechi ya ajiye mukamin nasa ne sannan kuma ya aikewa da shugaba Buhari wasikar godiyar baahi damar yin aiki a karkashin gwamnatinsa.


Amaecgi yace shugaba Buhari ya bashi goyon baya shiyasa ya samu nasara sosai a ayyukan da yayi.


The statement quoted Amaechi as saying in his resignation letter: “It is with mixed feelings that I tender my resignation as the Minister of Transportation of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to contest for the Presidential ticket of our great party, the All Progressives Congress.


“Your Excellency, it has been a great honour and privilege serving as a member of your cabinet following your historic victory at the polls in 2015. Under your administration, the Ministry of Transportation has recorded significant achievements, made possible by your visionary support and commitment to ensuring that we deliver on our mandate.

Karanta wannan  Jam'iyyar NNPP ta yiwa mutane sama da miliyan biyu rigista a jihar Borno, cewar shugabanta na jihar

“As I embark on the next phase of our mission to work towards a better Nigeria for ALL NIGERIANS, I humbly seek Your Excellency’s prayers, blessings and look towards your continuous support and guidance.

“Your Excellency, whilst humbly seeking your kind consideration of my request please accept the assurances of my highest esteem.”

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