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An kama wani fasto da yayi lalata da mata 2 a cikin coci

Jami’an tsaro a Louisiana dake kasar Amurka sun kama wani Fasto da yayi lalata da mata 2 a cikin coci.


An kama Fastonne saboda yayi lalatar a bainar jama’a ba tare da sirrantawa ba, wasu dake wucewa ta kofar cocinne suka lura da abinda ke faruwa inda suka kyankyasawa jami’an taro.

Mutumin me suna Rev. Travis Clark an kamashi tare da wasu mata dake aikin fina-finan batsa, Mindy Dixon da Melissan Cheng.


Akwai yiyuwar zasu iya fuskantar hukuncin daurin shekaru 3 a gidan yari inda aka samesu da laifi. Tuni aka gayyato wani babban fasto dan ya tsarkake cocin a ci gaba da amfani da ita sannan aka nada wani faston ya mayeshi.


The story of a Catholic Priest, that was caught having sex with two ladies has of course buzzed the internet and had left concerned Catholics to ask why?


Having sex as a married man is good especially when it gives you the desired pleasure, stress relief and exercise needed.


However, having sex as a priest and of course on the altar of the almighty with two ladies is sacrilegious.


A Louisiana priest was arrested last month for allegedly recording himself having sex with two dominatrices on the altar of his church, Dailymail.co.uk reports.


The Online medium reported that the priest has been identified as Rev Travis Clark, and the women as adult film actress Mindy Dixon, 41, and 23-year-old Melissa Cheng.

Karanta wannan  DA ƊUMIƊUMINSA: Ƴan Boko Haram Sun Sace Naira Miliyan 82 A Yayin Harin Da Suka Kai Gidan Yarin Kuje Dake Abuja


The Catholic priest was reportedly caught in the act on September 30 by a passerby who noticed the lights in the Saints Peter and Paul Roman Catholic Church.


The three were arrested on obscenity charges because they were in view of the public.


Following the arrest, Clark, who was ordained in 2013, was suspended from the archdiocese.


Church law says that when sacred places are violated they must be ‘repaired by penitential rite’ before they can be used again.


After the incident, Gregory Aymond, the archbishop of the New Orleans archdiocese visited the church to perform a ritual to restore the sanctity of the altar, which is the most sacred of church spaces.


Aymond said Monday that Rev Carol Shirima would replace Clark beginning on October 11.


Clark was released from jail on a $25,000 bond. Cheng and Dixon posted bonds of $7,500.


All three could face six months to three years in prison if convicted of obscenity.

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