Monday, June 27

Ana ta aikon min sakonnin barazana>>Inji Wanda yace ya hakura da karatu a jami’ar ABu saboda kashe Deborah da tawa Annabi Muhammad(SAW) batanci

Tsohon dalibin jami’ar ABU Zaria da yace ya hakura da karatunsa saboda kashe Deborah da tawa Annabi Muhammad(SAW) batanci, Oyeniyi Iwakun Yace yana ta samun sakonnin barazana.


Yace kuma ba kiyayyar musulunci ce tasashi daukar matakin da ya dauka ba.


Yace ko da musulmi ne akawa abinda akawa Deborah to shima zai iyayin hakan.


There have not been such moves from authoritative sources at the school. However, some people, who claimed to be representatives of the school, have called. We are in a country where insecurity is at its peak; so, I am being very careful. I have been receiving threats here and there from people online from our northern friends. Their actions toward me show that they are in support of the incessant killings. I have not got any calls from the registrar or head of the department or the school’s public relations officer. Nobody has called, and there has not been any assurance to show that students in the school are safe. Immediately after I made my renouncement, I left for the South.

Karanta wannan  An damke barayo a jihar Ogun bayan ya saci jar waya a coci

My close friends and neighbours are more interested in my property there than in my welfare. They have burgled my residence to take whatever for you to know that the decision I have taken is the right one. Nobody is safe over there. This is not about the young persons in the North. It is about leadership failure. This is a matter of law and the basic essence on which the foundations of society were laid.

Dan sauke manhajar hutudole a wayoyin ku. Sai a bi wannan link din na kasa:

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