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Ba kowane zai iya zama shugaban kasa ba, Shiyasa da naga inada abinda ake bukata na fito takara>>Tinubu

Kamfanin dillancin Labaran Najeriya, NAN ya ruwaito cewaz Bola Ahmad Tinubu wanda yana daya daga cikin masu neman takarar shugabancin Najeriya a jam’iyyar APC yace ba kowane zai iya zama shugaban kasa ba.


Yace duk me so zai iya fitowa ya nema amma fa ba kowane zai samu ba.


Ya bayyana hakane yayin ziyarar da ya kai jihar Katsina.


Bola Tinubu yace yana da kwarewar da zai kawowa Najeriya ci gaba kuma yayi alkawarin magance matsalar da habaka harkar Noma.


Bola Tinubu, presidential aspirant and national leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC) says his ambition to become Nigeria’s president offers hope, prosperity and unity for Nigerians.

Nigerian nationals are among the most impoverished people on earth, with Mr Tinubu and some of his party members regarded to be stupendously rich.

Mr Tinubu also mentioned that not everybody could become the president of Africa’s most populous nation, explaining that he has all the qualities to be APC’s presidential candidate ahead of the 2023 general elections.

“Anybody that wants it can run, but not everybody can become the president,” the APC chieftain stressed.

He said this on Monday in Katsina while addressing party delegates ahead of the APC presidential primary election.

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Mr Tinubu declared that he possessed all the requisite qualities to be seen as a potential president of the country due to his wide knowledge and experience as well as his track record of achievements in governance.

He added that as president, he would unite Nigerians and give them more hope irrespective of tribe or religion.

The APC presidential hopeful added that he would develop a new strategy and commit enough resources to fight bandits and other criminal elements if voted as president.

The APC national leader also said he would focus on irrigation farming, economic, education and infrastructural development and keep Nigeria working again.

“I come to unite Nigeria and not to divide it; I come to bring you hope, prosperity, happiness, job and stability. Though tongues may differ, the brotherhood will stand; you are my brother and together we will defeat poverty,” the former Lagos governor said.

Responding, Governor Aminu Masari of Katsina said Nigeria needed a leader like Mr Tinubu with wide experience in governance.

He expressed the belief and confidence that Nigeria would certainly overcome the challenges confronting it soon.


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