Wednesday, March 3

Ba zamu yadda a sake yin wata zanga-zangar SARS ba>>Gwamnatin Tarayya

Gwanatin tarayya ta bayyana cewa ba zata yadda a sake mata wata Zanga-zangar SARS ba.


Hakan na zuwane yayin da matasa ke barazanar sake yin wata zanga-zangar SARS din a Legas, saidai gwamnati tace ba zata bari hakan ta faru ba.


Ministan yada labarai da Al’adu, Alhaji Lai Muhammad ne ya bayyana haka a yau, Alhmis yayin ganawa da manema labarai, inda yacs bari a yi zanga-zangar zai kai ga Asarar dukiya da rayuka.

“No government anywhere will allow a repeat of the kind of destruction, killing and maiming wrought by the hijackers of EndSars protests last year.


“After all, only one policeman – (plus four others) – was killed in the invasion of the US Capitol in January, yet the FBI has continued to hunt down and prosecute the perpetrators. No life is more important than the other.


“The Federal Government is also keenly watching the role being played by the various social media platforms in this renewed clamour for violence in the country.


“Recall that the social media platforms that eagerly nudged on the EndSars protesters, until the situation got out of hand, are the same ones that quickly pulled the plug on even their own President when the chips were down in their own country.


“I hope we have all learnt our lessons. If we allow them to destroy our

Dan sauke manhajar hutudole a wayoyin ku. Sai a bi wannan link din na kasa:


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