Thursday, March 4

Ban yaudareshi ba, Shine ya yaudareni>>Budurwar Saurayin da ya sha Guba a Jigawa

A jiyane dai aka samu Rahotannin dake cewa Wani Saurayi, Abdul wanda dan Asalin Kano ne dake Karatu a jami’ar Gwamnatin tarayya dake Dutse a jihar Jigawa ya sha guba saboda Busurwarsa ta ci Amanarsa.


Saidai Budurwar tasa, Rafiatu ta fito ta karyata wannan magana inda tace shine ya yaudareta.


Wani da aya zanta da ita da kuma wasu shaidu me suna, Abubakar Mukhtar Saleh ya bayyana cewa Rafiatu tace ta gano Saurayin nata na soyayya da wata inda kuma ta tunkareshi ta gaya masa.


Saidai ya nemi ta yafe masa inda ita kuma taki amincewa da hakan tace saidai su rabu. Daga baya ya aike mata da sako inda yace idan bata yafe masa ba, Zai Sha guba.


Saidai tace ta goge sakon ta ci gaba sa sha’aninta saboda bata yi tsammanin da gaske yake ba.


Hukumar Makarantar dai ta sha Alwashin yin bincike dan daukar mataki akan lamarin.


“The real fact about Abdul 400 level student of mathematics, federal university Dutse who commited suicide. This information comes from the girl and her best friend and room mate that was present when everything happened and up to now. The best friend narrated that they were together yesterday with both Rafi’atu and Abdul,”


They went to yahuza suya and ate meat and have some drinks on Sunday night. They went further to sahad stores and made some shoppings and return to their home, they separated peacefully on that same day.


What triggered the untimely incident was: he cheated on her; he went to another girl and said he love her after the promise they had earlier and the information came to Rafi’atu. Rafi’atu and her best friend confronted him and asked him why, he was trying to deny, they showed him their evidence.


He then started asking for forgiveness, Rafi’atu replied that she was no longer his girl friend because she can not be sharing him with another lady. She told him that their love relationship is over. They went back home. At same night he sent her a message that if she did not come back to him; he will drink sniper (poison). She deleted the message because she didn’t take it serious.


Consequently, unknown to them he drank sniper (poison) and died at the hospital. They started watching peoples status and they were shocked. They then quickly rushed to the hospital, one of their friends told them not to enter because his family are their and they accepted destiny and go along with the corpse for burial. They rushed to police station and report, the case is now with the police.


She narrated that all information that went viral was designed by someone who hates her. She didn’t spend Valentine with any one and she did not even go to Kano. She still said there are CCTV cameras in sahad that monitor their shopping in that same day. All information going round about cheating him and went to Kano for Valentine is misleading and fake which may lead to panic. They are in Dutse and up to now, they are just waiting for today to answer the call of student’s affairs. I spoke to them on phone and have detailed information about it.


He made a very big mistake, taboo, and abomination which is wrong Islamically and constitutionally wrong. She did not force him to drink sniper neither know when he drank. Justice shall reign on this innocent girl of level 200 (Rafi’atu).


Allah said, no one will be punish for the crime he did not committed.


May Almighty Allah protect us and the entire Muslim ummah from this examination. May his soul rest in peace.

Dan sauke manhajar hutudole a wayoyin ku. Sai a bi wannan link din na kasa:


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