Wednesday, June 29

Bayan ficewa daga APC, Adamu Garba ya koma jam’iyyar YPP

Tsohon dan takarar shugaban kasa a jam’iyyar APC,  Adamu Garba da aka hadawa kudin sayen fom har sama da miliyan 80 amma ya ce ya fasa takarar ya fice daga jam’iyyar APC.


Adamu Garba ya bayyana cewa ya koma jam’iyyar YPP inda yace APC ba jam’iyyar matasa bace.


Da yawa dai sun rika cewa ya kamata dai ya mayarwa da mutane kudaden da suka tara masa tunda ya fasa takarar shugaban kasar.

Adamu Garba, a presidential hopeful, has joined the Young Progressives Party (YPP) and has bought the party’s presidential expression of interest and nomination form.

Speaking with reporters in Abuja after picking his form at the party’s national secretariat on Tuesday, Garba said he is seeking to create a “new Nigeria” by correcting the country’s foundation.

The presidential hopeful said the youth have no future in the All Progressives Congress (APC) or the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

“The youth don’t have a future in the APC or PDP. I was a strong member of the PDP in 1999, in 2003 we moved to ANPP and in 2007 we came to PDP and stayed till 2014 when APC founded and we moved,” he said.

“I have even been a very loyal and committed member of the party (APC) and even aspired to contest for the presidency under the same APC in 2019.

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“For me to come here and tell the whole world that the future of young people lies with YPP, I think there should be no credible person [like me] to say so because I have identified strongly with the party, fought for the party and get insulted for it but all the young people in the party are mushroomed, packed and dustbined maybe we are waiting for them to set fire on them but we will not be burnt.

“We are bringing a new deal. A vision that will go to the foundation and reset for the Nigerian state. The reason why we have been failing consistently in this country is because the foundation is faulty.

“The system was established at the point of division – that makes us see each other as different people whereas we share the same geography.”

Garba will contest against Malik Ado-Ibrahim, another presidential hopeful, for the party’s ticket.

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