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Bazan Binciki ‘yan takarar APC na shugaban kasa ina suka samo Miliyan 100 da suke sayen fom ba>>Shugaba Buhari

Me magana da yawun shugaban kasa, Malam Garba Shehu ya bayyana cewa, ba hurumin shugaban kasa, Muhammadu Buhari ne ya binciki masu sayen fom din takarar shugaban kasa na APC akan Naira Miliyan 100 ba.


Shehu ya bayyana hakane a hirar da aka yi dashi a Channels TV inda yace APC na karbar wadannan kudade ne dan ta gudanar da ayyukanta yanda ya kamata, kamar yanda shugaban jam’iyyar ya sanar dasu.


Ya kara da cewa idan hukumomin ICPC da EFCC suka tashi bincikar wadannan ‘yan siyasa kan inda suke samo kudaden sayen fom din, shugaba Buhari ba zai hanasu ba.


Yace amma maganar gaskiya ba hurumin shugaban kasa bane.


Yace kuma idan mutum na da masoya cikin sauki zai samu wadannan kudin sayen fom din inda yace misali shine Adamu Garba wanda aka tarawa Miliyan sama da 80 kuma masoyansa ne suka tara masa.


Asked if the president was comfortable with aspirants purchasing N100 million form with his no nonsense stance for corruption, the presidential scribe said:  ”Fortunately, I was present with Mr. President when this N100 million decision was made and I know that at first, even some governors and aspirants in the room knew it raised some concerns.

”But the party didn’t make a case of it. The national chairman was applauded for this because this is a party that doesn’t take money from a traitor and the party chairman did see it and none of the governors challenged him.

”He told the governor ‘you are not funding us, let us go and look for the money we need to run a successful campaign’. Now, there is beauty in this. It tells you that the party has taken the sense of accountability and the judiciary of  excellence to a level never seen in the past.

”It used to be taken for granted that governors would just say I draw money from the treasury and throw it into the coffers of the party. So if the party is complaining that it is not being funded by governors, that means the governors are running their economies well and abiding by the rules.

Karanta wannan  Hotuna daga ganawar da shugaba Tinubu yayo da gwamnoni

”The Party’s NEC applauded the chairman for this undertaking and he was given a free pass and the question is how did he get N100 million and where did it come from? I think this is a question that should go to each individual aspirant on how did they save or how did they get it?

”I have seen someone say he quit the race after online contributors gave him up to N83 million. So it seems to me that it is not quite a difficult task for people to ask people to donate and then the money comes to their wallets.

”The President asking how they got the money is not the way to go because that means he will expel aspirants from the party and that  means that you do not want them to run.

”I ruled out that there is no offence when questions are asked. My worry about this is, is it the president that must do this? I am saying to you that you know the kind of President we have anyway.

”If ICPC or EFCC will say Mr Permanent Secretary where did you get this money from, this Presidency will not stop them, that I can assure you. And I can say it is not only the ICPC or EFCC, but also the media has the duty to ensure accountability to the public and these questions are legitimate when they are asked.”

Dan sauke manhajar hutudole a wayoyin ku. Sai a bi wannan link din na kasa:

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