Monday, March 1

Dole ce tasa Sunday Igboho ya fara korar Fulani>>Gwamnan Ondo ya kare me korar Fulani

Gwamnan jihar Ondo, Rotimi Akeredolu ya bayyana cewa dolece ta kawo Sunday Igboho me korar Fulani.


Ya bayyana hakane a hirar da aka yi dashi a Channelstv inda yace kuma lamarin sa ya sa Sunday Igboho din ya tashi tsaye ya kamata a magancesu.


Saidai Gwamnan yace baya goyon bayan aikata. Laifuka da kuma daukar doka a hannu.


“There are things that we do at times that you have to know what led to them. Those circumstances might not be justifiable, might not be legal, but again when you look at it, you’ll know we are a child of circumstance.


“I for one, I’ve always said that I will not support anyone taking laws into his own hands. That’s why I had to go to Ibadan.


“That’s why I will go to every other place in the South-West to preach about illegality and that we are against illegal actions. We are not for it at all.”

Dan sauke manhajar hutudole a wayoyin ku. Sai a bi wannan link din na kasa:


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