Monday, May 16

EFCC ta fara binciken ‘yan takarar dake sayen fom na miliyan 100

Hukumar yaki da rashawa da cin hanci ta EFCC ta fara binciken ‘yan siyasar dake fidda miliyoyin Naira suna sayen fom din takara.


EFCC ta aikewa da bankuna bukatar su aika mata da bayanan asusun ajiyar ‘yan takarar da suka fito a jam’iyyun APC da PDP.


APC dai ta sayar da fom din takararta akan Miliyan 100 yayin da ita kuma PDP ta sayar dashi akan Miliyan 40.

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission has launched a discreet investigation into the finances of the 18 political parties in the country and their presidential aspirants. This followed the humongous fees paid for expression of interest and nomination forms by aspirants vying for various elective offices in the parties.

The anti-graft agency has, therefore, asked the Independent National Electoral Commission to furnish it with the bank accounts and other financial details of the political parties.

Karanta wannan  Duk jam'iyyar data tsayar da 'yan takarar shugaban kasa da mataimaka duka musulmai ba zamu zabesu ba>>Kiristocin Najeriya

It also asked the managing directors of Access Bank and Polaris Bank to provide the details of the 14 accounts operated by the All Progressives Congress and the Peoples Democratic Party and another organisation believed to be connected to the opposition party.

While the ruling APC sold its presidential forms for N100m, the main opposition party pegged its forms at N40m.In addition, the APC governorship aspirants paid N50m, while persons who declared for the Senate, House of Representatives and state Houses of Assembly paid N20m, N10m and N2m, respectively for their nomination and expression of interest forms.

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