Friday, July 1

Ina tayaka murnar samun tikitin takarar shugaban kasa, kuma tare zamu gwabza>>Tinubu ya gayawa Atiku Abubakar

Bola Ahmad Tinubu ya taya tsohon Mataimakin shugaban kasa, kuma dan takarar shugaban kasa na jam’iyyar PDP da ya lashe zaben fidda gwani a jiya.


Tinubu yace yasan Atiku jajirtaccen dan siyasa ne kuma me kishin kasa.


Yace amma fa ‘yan Najeriya har yanzu basu manta da abinda PDP ta musu na tsawon shekaru 16 ba.


“I welcome the victory of Alhaji Atiku Abubakar as the candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party in the just concluded primary. I look forward to squaring up with him as a worthy opponent in the coming election. I have known the former Vice President as a formidable politician and a patriot who believes in the unity and progress of our dear country.

“ As we move further into the election season, I charge the PDP presidential candidate and all political actors across Party lines that we should make this election season one that is devoid of bitterness, rancour and strife.

Karanta wannan  Hukumar zabe ta INEC ta karawa masu yin rigistar katin zabe lokaci amma ta gargadi jam'iyyar APC, PDP da dai sauran su

“We should make our campaigns peaceful and issue based. Election season should be a festival of ideas that will uplift our country and improve the living condition of all our people.

“Unfortunately for the PDP, its candidate will be burdened to explain why Nigerians should give it another opportunity, after squandering 16 years at the central government, without much to show”.

“Nigerians are yet to forget the national ruin and mismanagement of our country for 16 years by successive PDP administration and this bad memory will dog the campaign of the PDP Candidate”

“ Nevertheless, I once again congratulate our former Vice President for his victory in his party’s primary.

Bayo Onanuga
Director, Media & Communication
Tinubu Campaign Organisation

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