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Ka daina kalaman tada hankula>>Majalisa ta ja hankalin Gwamnan Bauchi

Majalisar Wakilai ta jawo hankalin gwamnan jihar Baucho, Sanata Bala Muhammad akan ya daina kalaman da zasu tunzura jama’a.


Majalisar tace yawanci gwamnoni ne ake samu da yin irin wadannan kalamai dan haka tana kira a garesu su kiyaye abinda suke fada musamman yanzu da ake fuskantar matsalar rashin tsaro.


Dan majalisar daga Jihar Filato, Hon. Duchan Bagos ne ya bayyana haka a zauren majalisar kuma majalisar ta rufa masa baya.


Yace kalaman Gwamnan akan Rike bindigar AK47 da fulani ke yi basu kamata ba, dan kundin tsarin mulki bai baiwa kowa damar rike irin wannan  indigar ba kuma kalaman Gwamnan zasu sa wasu su yi tunanin cewa doka ta yadda da hakan.


“On 13th of February, 2021, the governor of Bauchi State, Bala Mohammed, a public official who should; based on the insecurity problems in the country need to have been careful with statements and actions which is reported to have justified the illegal bearing of firearms by Fulani herdsmen, which has caused national outrage.


“The constitution does not grant any individual or group of people the right to bare sophisticated arms but only a licensed specified shooting range to that effect from the Inspector-General of the Nigeria Police Force (IGP).

“Even if the IGP were to grant licenses, the IG’s power cannot contravene the provisions of Chapter F28 LFN 004 Fire Arms Act which classifies the arms (AK47) carried by Fulani herdsmen as ascribed by the Bauchi State governor illegal and prohibited;


“The inflammatory and divisive statement by the governor will lead to the erroneous belief that the government supports the perpetrated crimes of carrying prohibited firearms.

“This situation can easily lead to armed conflict as other groups such as farmers and defenceless citizens will consider it as a threat to their safety and opt to arm themselves with AK47.

“If all public officials regardless their position or status are not cautioned against inciting or provoking the general public, the already tense situation in the country will lead to open hostilities”.

Dan sauke manhajar hutudole a wayoyin ku. Sai a bi wannan link din na kasa:


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