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Ku ci gaba da bazawa ‘yan Bindiga wuta har sai kun kashesi ko kun kamasu>>Gwamna El-Rufai ga sojojin Najeriya

Gwamnan jihar Kaduna, Malam Nasiru Ahmad El-Rufai ya bayyana cewa, sojojin Najeriya su ci gaba da bazawa ‘yan Bindiga wuta har sai sun kawar dasu.


Gwamnan ya bayyana hakane a Jaji wajan kaddamar da fara horas da sojoji.


Kwamishinan tsaron cikin gida na jihar Kaduna, Samuel Aruwan ne ya bayyana haka a yayin da ya wakilci gwamnan a wajan taron.


Yace hakan zai sa a samu saukin matsalar tsaron da ake fama da ita.

Kaduna governor, Nasir El-rufai has urged Nigerian troops to sustain ongoing operations into terrorists’ enclaves to ensure the end of banditry and other security challenges in the state.

El-rufai who made the appeal at the opening of the Nigerian Army 2022 Combat Arms Training Week at Jaji Military Cantonment in Kaduna urged the troops not to relent in the efforts to find the perpetrators of terrorism with a view to bring them all to justice or, to their bitter end.

El-rufai was represented by Mr. Samuel Aruwan, the Commissioner for Internal Security and Home Affairs at the event.

According to the Governor, sustained operations into terrorists’ enclaves would maximally reduce the numerous security challenges, which have impeded the pace of national development.

He underscored the expediency and need for collaboration in fighting Nigeria’s real and perceived adversaries, to restore national pride and dignity.

Karanta wannan  Hotuna daga ganawar da shugaba Tinubu yayo da gwamnoni

According to the governor, the Infantry and Armoured Corps of the Nigerian Army (NA) are the leading elements of the actual fighting with all enemies of the state.

He noted that since Nigeria’s Independence, the duo had continued to play a key role in ensuring stability within and outside the country.

“Nigeria’s history of unity, peace and progress cannot be written without giving outstanding credit to the Nigerian Army,” El-rufai said.

He also called for a holistic review of collaborative security strategy at all levels, and the right attitude among all stakeholders.

“The current challenges demand that we all rejuvenate, calibrate and strive diligently to sustain optimal levels of cooperation.

“Anything less than a fully collaborative spirit may turn our best efforts into liabilities, instead of assets to the entire security architecture.

“With the current posture of the Nigerian Army, I am optimistic that the security challenges bedevilling the nation will be addressed within the shortest time possible, through effective training such as this.

Dan sauke manhajar hutudole a wayoyin ku. Sai a bi wannan link din na kasa:

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