Wednesday, March 3

Nan da watanni 2 Gwamnatin tarayya zata kawo zaman Lafiya>>Sanata Ahmad

Kakakin majalisar Dattijai, Sanata Ahmad Lawal ya bayyana cewa nan da watanni 2 gwamnatin tarayya zata dawo da zaman lafiya a Najeriya.


Ya bayyana hakane bayan ganawatsa da shugaban Kasa, Muhammadu Buhari.


Yace gwamnatin tarayya na kokarin ganin an kawo zaman lafiya kamin zuwan Damuna ta yanda kowa zai je gonarsa yayi noma ba tare da fargababa.


Sanata Lawal yace ganawarsa da Shugaba Buhari akan matsalar tsaro ce kuma babu abinda ya fi matsalar tsaron muhimmanci a yanzu a Najeriya.  Yace majalisa zata bada gudummawar data kamata dan ganin an yi maganin matsalar.


“I’ve come to meet with Mr. President, to discuss the issue of security of our nation, and in fact, there is nothing more important today or more topical, than the security of Nigeria.

“We had a very extensive discussion on the security of all parts of Nigeria and how we should go about improving the situation, we all have roles to play. Nobody would like to see the kind of things that we experience in various parts of the country in the form of insecurity.

“As political leaders, we have responsibilities to our people and we cannot shy away from that, we have to get our people secured, we have to secure the environment for them to earn their means of livelihood, we’ll like to see our farmers go back to farms before the rainy season starts.

“This means we have to secure the rural parts of Nigeria as well as the urban centres because we need businesses to flourish.

“So I believe that between now and probably the next two months, there will be a lot of activities to ensure that we recover and secure the environments for our people to lead a very normal life.

“We also believe that the government is headed in the right direction. You’ll recall that the National Economic Council approved of taking some funds from the Excess Crude Accounts with a view to giving more resources to our Armed Forces.

“This is a commendable effort and we are ready to help with appropriation to ensure that we acquire those security weapons for the armed forces of this country to end this insecurity in the northeast, in the northwest, in the southeast/South-south and southwest as well.

“We believe that this is also going to help empower and build the capacity of other security agencies like the police because the police need to be there.”

Dan sauke manhajar hutudole a wayoyin ku. Sai a bi wannan link din na kasa:


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