Thursday, May 19

Ni na Nada ku, Kuma yanzu ni na ce ku sauka, Shugaba Buhari ga Ministocin da suka ki sauka duk da Umarninsa

Me magana da yawun shugaban kasa, Malam Garba Shehu ya bayyana cewa, shugaban kasa, Muhammadu Buhari ne ya nada Ministocinsa kuma shine ke da hurumin saukesu.


Ya bayyana hakane a hirar da Channels TV ta yi dashi, kuma yana martani ne kan ministocin dake neman takarar shugaban kasa da shugaba Buhari yace su yi Murabus.


Saidai an samu wasu da suka ki yi da wanda kuma ke cewa basu fahimci abinda shugaban kasar ke nufi ba.


Malam Shehu yace shugaba Buhari ya riga ya bayar da umarni wanda kuma ya ga cewa ba zai bi wannan Umarni ba ahiya jiyo.


Shugaba Buhari dai ya baiwa Ministocin nasa nan da ranar Litinin duk su sauka daga mukamansu.


He said:  ”I think that decision to go will be made by individuals concerned but If they think they are entitled to continue in office as they contest for senate, governor or minister or the  president.

”The president was well advised on all of these matters. We should rightly assume that the advisers and the Chief of Staff to the president, Secretary to the government, chief economic adviser to the President tell the President what is right and what is wrong. And I believe that the President has all of these information at his disposal and the decision was made by him.

”If somebody thinks the directive is not clear to him, it is up to him to make the decision to stay or to go.

The president has given his directive, clearly stated out, it is for people to place themselves where they think they belong.

”For now, the directive from the government is that if you are a minister and you are a minister of state, handover to the minister of state. If you don’t have a minister of state, hand over to the secretary. If you are head of a government agency, a parastatal , extra-ministerial government department or ambassador, hand over to the most senior in that department and go.”

On what would happen if the ministers concerned failed to resign on Monday, the presidential spokesman said:   ”Who are you serving then because the man who put you there says go and you say you don’t want to go, so you are on your own.

”I think logically, the president has to be obeyed because he is the appointed authority under the constitution and the authority also to remove. So if anybody thinks any extra- territorial authority can sustain him in office, that will be strange to us. We would like to know what that extra-territorial authority is.”

Karanta wannan  Bayan ficewa daga APC, Adamu Garba ya koma jam'iyyar YPP

Asked if such a fellow would be sacked, Malam Shehu said:  ”I think the decision is actually that of the President.”

On whether the President was acting in line with Section 84 (12), which precludes appointed officials from participating in party congresses and convention, he said:  ”As a matter of fact when the president spoke in the private cabinet yesterday (on Wdnesday), he made no reference to section 84 or any other law.

”He simply gave that directive and I think that it is very clear, that as the head of the executive arm of government in whom executive authority and powers of  the federation resides, he has absolutely directed that this be done and should be obeyed and that is the position.

But one of the first few reactions to the move by the presidency was that perhaps the directive was selective since the additional statement was that other political appointees will be asked to resign in the coming days.

”One would have thought that the law was clear and that they didn’t have to wait till the coming days for a directive from the presidency.

By yesterday (Wednesday) evening, the president had okayed the government circular  issued and signed  by the Secretary to the Government which specifically said that beyond the ministers, all heads and members of extra ministerial departments, agencies, parastatals and government and ambassadors as well as other political appointees who desire to context for offices should resign and that that is the position.

”So this is taken very seriously. The president has appointed 10 a.m tomorrow to say farewell and thank you to the ministers in the farewell meeting. It is all done, signed, sealed and delivered..”

Garba Shehu, who didn’t want to be dragged into issues around governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, Mr, Godwin Emefiele, said:  ”I don’t want you to drag me into names, especially given one of the things that are happening in court and all of that but if he considers himself a head of department or agency or parastatal , if he considers himself a member of extra-ministerial department, i think he and his lawyers will determine what is the implication of that for them.

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