Thursday, May 26

Nifa na rude, ban gane maganar da Shugaba Buhari yayi ta cewa mu sauka ba>>Chris Ngige

Ministan Kwadago, Chris Ngige ya bayyana cewa shi fa bai fahimci umarnin da shugaban kasa, Muhammadu Buhari ya basu na cewa su sauka daga mukaminsu ba.

Ngige ya bayyana hakane bayan da a zaman majalisar Zartaswa shugaba Buhari ya sakawa dokar zabe hannu sannan kuma yace masu son fitowa takara a cikin hadimansa su ajiye mukamansu nan da ranar Litinin.

Chris Ngige wanda yana cikin wanda suka tsaya takarar shugaban kasa, yace zai je ya samu Shugaba Buhari ya masa bayanin wannan doka.


Chris Ngige, the minister of labour, has said he did not understand the presidential directive that ordered ministers and other political appointees to resign before May 16.

The directive was issued at the Federal Executive Council gathering on Wednesday morning by President Muhammadu Buhari, according to information minister Lai Mohammed.

At least three ministers have reportedly resigned following the directive on Wednesday, with state education minister Emeka Nwajiuba being the first to announce his departure from the federal cabinet.

Karanta wannan  Kotu ta buƙaci hukumar kwastam ta biya diyyar naira miliyan 100 ga iyalan mutumin da jami’inta ya harbe

Other ministers, including Attorney-General Abubakar Malami and transport minister Rotimi Amaechi, are expected to resign in the coming days.

But Mr Ngige, from Anambra, said he didn’t understand the directive and will need to meet with the president to clarify.

“I have no reaction for now because the president said if anyone wants clarifications the person should meet him,” Mr Ngige told reporters shortly after today’s FEC when he was asked about whether or not he would be resigning his position forthwith. “So I have to consult him and consult my constituents, Anambra state because I am holding the office for the government and my constituents.”

The former Anambra governor has picked up presidential nomination forms of the ruling All Progressives Congress.

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