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Nigerians Cry Out Over High Cost Of Cooking Gas: My Family Now Cooks Once A Day, Breadwinner Reveals

Cookin gas is becoming more expensive and Nigerians are expressing their unsatisfactory about this issue.

This led to My Family Now Cooks Once A Day, Breadwinner Reveals.

Many Households Turn To Charcoal, Kerosene Stoves.

Some said It Has Never Been This Bad In Nigeria’

Some Nigerians interviewed by The Guardian newspaper have this to say about the increase of cooking gas.


In Kebbi State, a National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) member serving in Jega, Francis Oluwayomi, said the product has become a luxury in the area.

“Here, it is 700 per kilogramme (kg) and the marketers are threatening that that the prices would still go up. In the past, I used to fill the gas up, but now, I just go there and tell them to sell N3,000 worth of gas, because I can’t kill myself. A lot of people have retired their cylinders and started using coal to cook but that one is even becoming expensive. I am fed up.


A resident of Port Harcourt, Seyi Abidoye, said a 12.5kg cylinder retails for between N8,500 and N9, 000, saying the situation was unbearable.

“Rent, food, school fees are all going up everyday. The cost of living is getting out of hand. I bought it at N7, 500 just last month, and it has gone up by N1, 000 in less than a month. The dealers are adding money every other day. This is not sustainable for us. Early this year, this same cylinder was less than N4, 000; today it is more than double the price. Only God knows how much we would buy it towards Christmas when gas is usually scarce here,” he said.


According to Nancy Adenike, who resides in Ipaja area of Lagos State, “two weeks ago, I bought my 12.5kg for N7,200; the same day by evening it had become N7,500.”

Oluseun Olofin, a resident in Ayobo area of the state, said: “It is really sad, which way is the country going? The cost of practically everything you need for survival is on the increase. The country is becoming unbearable for the masses.”

Adebusola Ishola, a resident in Ikotun area of Lagos, also said: “A kilogramme of gas, which used to cost N300, now goes for N700. This is getting unbearable for us. I wonder what would happen as we approach the festive season.

“I just bought gas yesterday at N8, 200 for 12.5kg,” he added.

Dan sauke manhajar hutudole a wayoyin ku. Sai a bi wannan link din na kasa:

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