Thursday, July 7

Shugaba Buhari ya nuna cewa ba zai iya samarwa Najeriya tsaro ba, dan haka kawai yayi Murabus>>Dino Melaye

Sanata Dino Melaye ya bayyana cewa shugaban kasa, Muhammadu Buhari ya kamata ya sauka daga Mukaminsa saboda ya kasa samarwa da Najeriya tsaro.


Ya bayyana hakane a hirar da aka yi dashi a Arise TV inda yace babu yadda za’a yi Mutum ya bayar da abinda bai dashi.


Yace abin kunya shine shugaba Buhari a matsayin tsohon soja ya kasa shawo kan matsalar tsaron.  Yace shine fa kamin ya hau kan Mulki ya rika caccakar gwamnatin Goodluck Jonathan da cewa yayi Murabus.

The truth of the matter is that you cannot give what you don’t have. The president has demonstrated grossly and continuously that he is incapacitated, he doesn’t have what it takes to take us out of the insecurity problem in this country. And shamefully, this incapacitation is coming from a retired army general. And you will recall that the president himself called for the impeachment of Goodluck Jonathan who is a civilian and zoologist, for his inability to handle security matters that were not even this grievous.


So now that we have lost absolute control of security in this country, nobody is secured. Abuja, that is the federal capital, they are going from police station to police station, there are cases of kidnappings, robberies and different crimes everywhere.


How can the president be in a state and within the perimeter of that state, some people will go to a school and kidnap students? And this is the state of Mr. President, the kidnappers are not even afraid of the presence of Mr. President, it shows that the president has lost complete capacity to solve the problem of security in this country. In this case, the most decent thing to do is to quit, because if you cannot do it, you cannot continue to force yourself to be there.

Karanta wannan  Yanzu-Yanzu: Shugaba Buhari ya kai ziyara gidan yarin Kuje bayan harin 'yan Bindiga


The truth of the matter is that the solution to this problem since the president has no temerity and capacity to fire the service chiefs… in a football pitch, you are using a particular player and he is not giving you results, you must substitute that player. He has played ten matches consecutively and he didn’t score any goal and you are still playing, then automatically, the coach is sick.


So what we are saying in essence like I said earlier, is that the president swore before God and man to uphold and defend the constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria, and the most potent part of that constitution is the security of lives and property and he has failed grossly, F9 parallel in this regard.


So the solution is for the president to leave for people who have the capacity to correct these security challenges to come up. We are not seeing any amelioration, we are not seeing any correction and there is no hope that things will get better.

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