Thursday, February 25

Wasu na son hada kabilun kasarnan fada>>Dattawan Arewa

Kungiyar dattawan Arewa ta NEF ta bayyana cewa akwai wasu mutane dake shirin hada fada tsakanin yankunan kasarnan.


Dattawan sun ce mutanen na hada kai da wasu kasashen Duniya dan tabbatar da wannan aniya tasu.


Sakataren yada labatab NEF, Hakeem Baba Ahmad ne ya bayyana haka a sanarwar da suka fitar, Jiya,Juma’a.

“In the last few weeks, the forum has led many responsible groups and individuals to appeal for restraint and respect for the law in the way we engineer developments that cause tensions or react to them. Now the nation is facing imminent threats from persons who are bent on pushing all of us nearer to disaster, to help them achieve their nefarious goals.


“There are efforts to create multiple sources of falsehood in videos and other inflammatory materials in the media clearly targeted at inciting people to act violently against each other.


“Allegations of planned or actual genocide are being made with reckless abandon, and even the international community is being lobbied in futile efforts to sell the fiction that some groups are intent on mass extermination of other groups.


“The latest communication by the Yoruba Council of Elders to the United Nations is an example of lamentable desperation of some groups to erode our security and integrity as a country, and it is more regrettable that it is the handiwork of so-called elders who should forfeit all rights to that honour.”

Dan sauke manhajar hutudole a wayoyin ku. Sai a bi wannan link din na kasa:


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