Sunday, February 28

‘Yan Bindiga sun sake kai hari a wasu kauyukan jihar Naija da Yammacin yau

Yan abindiga sun sake kai hari a yankin Gurmana dake karamar hukumar Shiroro ta jihar naija.


Kauyukan da aka kai hare-haren sune, Sarkin Zama, Bakin Kogi, Siyoko da sauransu.


Babu dai cikakken bayanin yawan mutanen da lamarin ya rutsa dasu amma dai Rahoton yace akwai jikkata da kuma rasa rai.


Some Communities in Gurmana Ward of Shiroro local government, Niger State are currently being attacked by hydraheaded terrorists.

Sarkin Zama, Bakin Kogi (Lagbe), Siyiko and other adjoining Villages were this evening invaded by criminals who stormed the aforementioned Villages in their large numbers.

The operation is still ongoing and casualty figure is not yet ascertained. But certainly deaths have been recorded while others who sustained various degrees of gunshot injuries are being rushed to various health facilities for medical attention while scores of others have been abducted and taken to unkown destinations.

Countless deadly attacks have become daily occurrences thereby compelling the affected victims to live at the mercy of hydraheaded monsters. Defenceless, unarmed and peaceful locals have been abandoned to their fate.

May Almighty Allah urgently come to our rescue, Ameen.

Sani Abubakar Yusuf Kokki
Co-convener, Concerned Shiroro Youths
17th February, 2021

Dan sauke manhajar hutudole a wayoyin ku. Sai a bi wannan link din na kasa:


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