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Yanzu-Yanzu; A karshe dai, Tsohon shugaban kasa, Goodluck Jonathan ya koma APC kuma yace ya amince da fom din takarar shugaban kasa da aka sai masa

A karshe dai, tsohon shugaban kasa, Goodluck Jonathan ya koma jam’iyyar APC inda yayo rijista a mazabarsa dake jihar Bayelsa.


Hakan na zuwa ne bayan kwanaki biyu da yace bai da masaniya kan fom din da aka sai masa na takarat shugaban kasa a jam’iyyar ta APC.


Saidai a yanzu yace ya amince da wancan fom din takarar da aka sai masa.


A baya dai an samu rahoton cewa Fulani ne suka saiwa Jonathan fom din amma daga baya suka karyata.


Amma an samu labarin cewa, Jonathan ne da kansa ya aikawa gwamnan jihar Jigawa, Muhammad Badaru Miliyan 200 dan ya sai masa fom din  takarar.

Former President Goodluck Jonathan has decided to run for president in 2023, barely 48 hours after disowning a nomination form procured for him by a northern group.

Mr Jonathan had on May 9 rejected presidential expression of interest and nomination forms of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) bought for him by a Fulani group. He later visited APC chairman Abdullahi Adamu, a shuttle his aides said was to distance himself from the purchase.

Citing a credible source in Mr Jonathan’s camp, state-run newswire, News Agency of Nigeria, reports that Mr Jonathan has finally made up his mind to vie for the top post he lost to the incumbent in 2015.

The source, pleading anonymity, told NAN that the former president has also joined the APC formally, having registered at his Otuoke Ward in Bayelsa.

Meanwhile, Mr Jonathan is expected to submit the duly filled forms bought on his behalf on Thursday, the source offered further.

According to the source, the former president has secured the support of the required number of APC delegates from across the 36 states and the Federal Capital Territory.

Karanta wannan  Kwamisuinan Kudi na Kano, Shehu na Allah Kura ya ajiye mukaminsa kuma ya fita daga APC

“Several bigwigs of the party have also been calling Jonathan to pledge their loyalty and support to the former president,’’ the source revealed.

The source told NAN political correspondent late on Wednesday that some influential African leaders had called Mr Jonathan earlier on Monday to advise him “to contest the election in the interest of Nigeria.

“At least three top African leaders called the former president on the matter. They all urged him to run.

“One of them specifically told him that it didn’t make sense travelling all over Africa settling disputes only to shy away from leadership responsibility in his home country.

“Another reminded him of the implication of failing to put the experiences he garnered as a former Nigerian president and as a continental statesman to good use,” the source added but did not mention the names of the African leaders.

The source cited some of the African leaders as telling Jonathan that Nigeria was passing through challenging times and “needed a unifier like Jonathan at this time’’.

Mr Jonathan, who lost power to incumbent President Muhammadu Buhari, was born in 1957 in the Ogbia district in Bayelsa State.

He was previously of the PDP party on whose platform he ruled Nigeria until he lost the presidential election to Buhari in 2015.


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