Sunday, February 28

Yawanci masu zanga-zangar SARS ‘yan Iskane Barayi, Zamu murkushesu idan bukatar hakan ta taso>>Ministan Tsaro

Ministan tsaro, Bashir Salihi Magashi ya bayyana cewa maau zanga-zangar SARS yawancin su mutanen Banza ne.


Ya bayyana hakane yayin da kammala sabunta katin zabensa a Kano. Yace aikinsu ne su kare dukiya da rayukan al’umma kuma zasu yi hakan.


Yacs kaso 60 na masu zanga-zangar SARS din basu ma san dalilin da yasa suke zanga-zangar ba, yace wasu kuma sun jene su yi sata, wasu kuma sun je da wata manifa ta daban. Yace idan bukatar amfani da karfi ta zo zasu yi amfani da hakan.

“You know the composition of the EndSARS crowd. Over 60 percent of them are people who don’t even know why they are there. They just come to take part. Some of them are rogues; some are there to steal. They want to do whatever they think. There are a few actual people.”

The minister added that the government will not allow “unpatriotic elements” to destabilise the country under any guise.

“The genuine ones, we want to get them enlightened. They should stop doing things that will create collateral damages for the country. We need people who will sit down and use their brains. Sit down with the government and see what we can do,” Magashi said.

“We ask them, ‘what are your problems?’ In the initial one, when they said this is their problem, even Mr. President spoke. They gave five-point demand and they were attended to. But if some people want the country to be governed the way they want, we are not elected to serve particular people. We were elected to serve this country.

“Whoever is involved in this #EndSARS issue, the military and the government will not allow it to happen. But we will be as good as any other citizen to protect this country.

“We are not going to be harsh on anybody. We will maintain the law and peace to the best of our ability. We can use force when it is required. When you use force, we don’t say you will go and start killing people. We can use minimum force, commensurate with what is seen on the ground. And that is where some people are getting it wrong.

Dan sauke manhajar hutudole a wayoyin ku. Sai a bi wannan link din na kasa:


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