Tuesday, July 5

Za’a kori ma’aikatan Ofishin jakadancin Najeriya daga Ofishinsu dake Hungary saboda rashin biyan kudin haya

Ministan harkokin kasashen waje, Geoffrey Onyeama ya bayyana cewa, Osifishin jakadancin Najeriya na kasar Hungary ya aika masa da cewa za’a koresu daga ofishinsu saboda kudin hayar da ake binsu da basu biyaba.


Ya bayyana hakane a yayin da yake kare kasafin kudin ma’aikatar tasa a gaban majalisa a jiya, Talata.

Yace suna samun irin wannan korafe-korafe daga Ofisoshin jakadanci da dama. Yace sannan akwai kudin Alawus din kaya da zasu turawa ma’aikatan Ofisoshin jakadancin duk shekara na Dala 2,500, wanda yace wajan Biliyan 1.2 ne amma yanzu Biliyan 762 garesu a kasa.


Yace akwai Ofisoshin jakadancin Najeriyar da basu da kyan gani sannan wasu ana binsu bashi wanda hakan abin kunya ne ga kasar. Yace dsn hakane suke tunanin kulle wasu daga cikin Ofisoshin Jaladancin.


“Just on Monday, the ambassador in Hungary called to say they are going to throw them out from the chancery building. That the landlord is coming and that they do not have the money to pay.

“And we get that from a lot of missions across the world and that is not a sustainable way of running foreign service.

“Then this exchange rate differential with the CBN is really something we need to address once and for all.

“It is not so easy, all of these things are computed in naira and all the payments abroad are in dollars and once the exchange rate is changed, it never goes the other way, it always goes up, it never comes down vis-a-vis the dollar. This means immediate shortfall for all our missions.”

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“We are owing a lot, and in the federal executive council (FEC), there is a process to rationalise and cut down on the international organisations we belong to.

“This is because we are just owing monies left and right and it is not even good for the image of the country.

“A lot of our missions are eyesores and it is just a huge embarrassment to the country that we can have missions in such terrible conditions.

“We have been receiving letters from the national assembly forwarding to us various claims and judgement and asking us to pay them.

“We have a big challenge with clothing allowances, as you know, all officers in our missions from grade level 7 and above are entitled to $2,500 clothing allowance per annum.

“In the 2021 budget, about 1,312 officers will be expecting the payment of these allowances and if you take at the CBN official rate, we are looking at N1.2 billion.

“What we have available is N762 million for that, to able to pay the clothing allowances, we still need an additional sum of N500 Million.

Dan sauke manhajar hutudole a wayoyin ku. Sai a bi wannan link din na kasa:

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